Should you put vape juice in a CBD wax pen?

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Vape pens are popular all over these days. Different types of materials used in vaping pens may include active ingredients of marijuana, hemp, and others, but some people use electronic solids, thick oils and herbal wax concentrates. These evaporators are known as vape wax pens, and it’s up for debate how safe they are.

Sprayers used in dab vape pens can be used only to evaporate thick oils, solid hydraulic materials or concentrated waxy materials instead of electronic liquids or tobacco. These VAPE pens can also be used in the use of aromatherapy products and concentrated herbs. The question many people have is, should you put vape juice in a CBD wax pen?

Wax and oil evaporators

Wax pens available in the market are used for wax vaping concentrates and other wax materials such as thick oils and solid gels. Wax evaporators are available in many methods including desktop evaporators, pen-shaped evaporators, and portable evaporators. These devices are pens that can be used to remain secret while vaping nicely. The vaporizer uses the conduction …