Are E-Cigarettes Addictive?

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Many people have often wondered whether or not e cigarettes are addictive. The answer to this question is somewhat complicated given the fact that there are two different types of addiction associated with smoking traditional cigarettes. However, most people only know about one type. Most of us realize that cigarettes contain nicotine. As a result, we automatically assume that the only reason why somebody is addicted to smoking cigarettes is because they contain nicotine.

There’s yet another reason why some people become addicted to smoking. In fact, the second reason applies to all smokers — it’s just that for some people it’s a bit stronger than another people. Believe it or not, the physical act of smoking can itself become addictive. Holding the cigarette up your lips and inhaling and doing all of the other things associated with smoking can itself be addictive.

Without understanding, it’s easy to see how for some people — especially those who are addicted to the procedural aspects of smoking — can become addicted to e cigarettes. Thankfully, this is …